Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shared Server Hosting?

Shared Hosting is very similar to living in an Apartment Complex. All residents are in the same location and must share the available resources with everyone. All accounts must share the available resources with all the other accounts on the server. These include CPU time, memory, and disk space. This can sometimes be shared out amongst hundreds of other people, and because all those websites are on the same physical server, it only takes a handful of larger websites to swallow up too many resources, and your website will be affected. Shared hosting is usually the first step people take when setting up their own website, usually because it’s cheap and easy to set up. You can host all sorts of applications (such as WordPress), and there are plenty of email accounts to go around. It is an affordable solution for a small website or blog. If your website becomes popular, you may need to upgrade to managed VPS Hosting. This will allow you to handle all the new traffic coming to your site.

When will I know if I’ve outgrown my shared hosting? 

The answer is very simple. If your site is running slow you’ve outgrown it.

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)? 

A VPS is a private, virtual server that exists on a much more powerful physical machine. But unlike shared hosting, there is a guaranteed allotment of system resources that you have access to. So, even if there is a much bigger website than yours on another VPS, hosted on the same physical machine, that won’t matter: you’re always guaranteed the system resources that you’re paying for. Think of it like one big computer, running lots of little computers inside of it.

How is a Managed WordPress VPS different?

Our VPS is optimized for WordPress! Each WordPress Website on our Managed VPS is backed up and updated on a regular basis. We integrate powerful Security features and take care of all maintenance tasks for you. On our Managed WordPress VPS we don’t overload our VPS. Your website will perform much better and be more secure than on a standard Shared Server Host. Plus, if more resources are needed, we can easily upgrade our VPS to a more powerful one in a matter of minutes – no migration required.  By optimizing our VPS and limiting how many websites we keep on each VPS, we can offer a secure, fast and affordable VPS solution to our clients. And as a bonus, your WordPress maintenance and updates are automatically taken care of. We manage the server for you so you’re all set to grow your website or blog.

How do I submit a support ticket?

For Client support, FAQ’s – video tutorials, and to submit a support ticket – please Login to your account.

  1. In order to access the support portal, you will have to log in to your account. Use your account email address (the email address you use to receive invoices) and request a password reset here.
  2. You will receive an email with a link to the website that allows you to change or choose your password. Go ahead, do it!
  3. You can now log in to your account anytime.  You will see a login tab (bookmark it for easy access). After you successfully log in, there will be other support tabs (account access menu items)  under the login tab.
  4. You also have access to your invoices and to shop for products and services once you are logged in.